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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

So you have the landscape, you know the instrument. Take a deep breath! You’re going to create a beautiful environment. Managing the session and simultaneously getting into the vibes of the song is the key in a recording session. You could be under pressure, working on tight timelines. Yet, make sure things are always under your control as the onus is on you, the engineer, to keep the session balanced and productive.

We are not super human. We are bound to make mistakes or the equipment we’re working on could fail us during the session. No matter what happens, we Engineers are the solution experts. We must adapt to face such hurdles we may encounter. In a studio, it’s always better to keep a backup available for everything we use. Even an airplane has a backup engine, just in case the first one fails, this is no different.

Be it the equipment, the session, the music or the emotions, the things an Engineer is entrusted with are delicate and as such, should be handled with much care and precision.

The musician might take some time to get into their zone. This is where the Engineer should be willing to go that extra mile. With as little time as we get to familiarize with the song, we should try to understand the song in and out, so that we could communicate better with the artist and composer to find their best.

Be the eye of the storm

It’s a like a Game of See-Saw!

An Engineer is the architect of the whole session. It’s his efficiency and adeptness with the tools at his disposal that determine how fast and productively the building rises! Likewise the Engineer’s speed and workflow on DAW’s decides how smoothly the session will flow. At the surface, he may look calm but from the inside, the engine would be on full throttle. Though not physically demanding, the mental gymnastics in progress takes much of his energy and focus to maintain. He will be aware of each and everything within those four walls. Managing the client, the artist, and the equipment all the while Value Adding (Refer chapter 1) to the session is a tight-ropewalk.

This Balance is a skill we can acquire only with time and experience, which should be earned.

The Invisible Force

Listen to everything you can get your hands on. More than anything and all that technicalities it’s the imprint left on your subconscious mind that will help you. There will come an instance in every Engineer’s life where something that you came across long back will come back to your assistance in a time of need. It will remain as a reference within unbeknownst to you, like your guardian angel.

If the job possesses every molecule of your being to the point where it speaks to you in your sleep, the journey has commenced!

"Don’t Rush; wait for the best take – The God’s take"

Grantha Tips

• Its the Engineer who should keep the session productive.

• An Engineer should be a solution expert.

• More accustomed an Engineer is with the DAW, smoother goes the session.

• The Engineer must be calm, composed, and vigilant.

• Managing the session is a skill developed with experience.

• There is no rush, the God’s Take will come.

• Take a deep breath!

The Grantha has much more to reveal. See you in the next chapter!!!

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