Recording Engineer: Artist or Techinician?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

An artist, can only express himself on a canvas and will always be searching newer terrains. The Engineer should execute this approach in his sound. The key is to build a landscape in our minds and to place ourselves in that plane and start visualizing things sonically.

Recording Engineers envisage the vision of the Musician/Composer through their Experience, Techniques, Versatility, Adaptability and most importantly, Session Management Skills.

Hands are not Enough for this job.

Strike The Right Balance

There may come times where we would have to hybrid ourselves as an Engineer and a Producer. This is where our artistic thought process should kick into top gear. Make sure we never lose our vision in the nitty-gritties of the session.

When the objective of the Engineer and the Musician are in harmony. YES..!!!

The Production starts here!!

Tools Of The Trade

Designing the sound of a song in real-time is not an easy job. Patience, holding the

reins of the session, getting the best out of an artist, your mastery over DAWs, knowledge

of your equipment; these are but a few facets of this job. Above all, always believe your ears.

The idea here is to value add, as a Recording Producer, to each and every session. So, in this competitive world, push yourself towards the point where you have a clear understanding of what your end product would be.

“ Satisfy the artist within, yet be a technician”

Grantha Tips:

· Value add to each session

· At times you may have to be an Engineer and a Producer

· Design your landscape

· Materialize the vision

· Be open and brave enough to experiment

· Know the tools at your disposal

· Don’t lose sight of your goal

· Listen to various genres of music

· But always remember, at the end it is the composer’s baby

The Grantha has much more to reveal. See you in the next chapter!!!

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