The Live Room

The Room That Breathes!

Here we practice the Art of Recording!

Lined with teak wood panels, real brick tiles, and ample natural sunlight, this rustic room is designed and treated to provide a unique aesthetic ambience and one of the best recording experiences in town. The room is big enough to host a group of artists such as bands, orchestral sessions, percussions etc.

Our recording benchmark is set at the highest level. This is where our strong arsenal of Vacuum tubes, FETs, Ribbons, and Best-in-line Dynamic microphones paired with prime quality audio cables, play a critical role. The pioneers in the world of microphones such as Telefunken, Lauten Audio, Peluso Microphone Labs, Warm Audio, Rode Microphones, Electro-Voice, Audix Microphones, Beyerdynamic, and Shure adorn our shelves. 

2bq recordings are designed at par with the international production specifications.